Excerpt from Each Time We Love

The entire incident had taken only seconds, and Savanna barely had time to understand her danger before it was too late. The moment she had seen Adam's hand touch the rifle, she had known that there was nothing she could do for Jeremy; she was already spinning on her heels, seeking escape, when Adam's cold voice stopped her.
"I wouldn't, if I were you," he said softly. "My hands might be tied, but I could still shoot you... and right now it wouldn't matter to me if it was in the back."
Savanna froze. Everything had happened so swiftly that she still didn't quite comprehend the enormity of it, but a well-honed instinct for survival kept her locked where she stood, waiting for his next move.
It took Adam an awkward few seconds to free his hands with the knife Jeremy carried at his side and to keep the rifle on Savanna at the same time, but he did it. Tossing aside the rawhide thongs, he glanced around, knowing that Micajah's return could still upset his plans. To Savanna, he snapped, "Get over here and tie him up."
Savanna obeyed on leaden feet, and with fumbling movements, she did as she was told, aware of her danger. She was relieved to find that Jeremy wasn't dead, as she had feared, only knocked senseless, but all too soon, as she reluctantly followed Adam's terse instructions, Jeremy was tightly bound, his hands and feet fastened behind his back, a gag shoved between his teeth.
When she could delay no longer, she turned to look defiantly at her captor. He was not a reassuring sight. He looked taller, beneath the rumpled, once-white shirt his shoulders broader, his long legs more powerful, and the expression on his hard face would have caused even a battle-tested warrior to quail. The long black rifle was trained unerringly on Savanna's breast, and with three days of black stubble shadowing his lower features, his thick hair tumbling in dark, rakish waves across his forehead and his sapphire-blue eyes filled with a hostile glitter, Adam was indeed a terrifying sight.
Quelling the scream that rose in her throat, Savanna stared unflinchingly back at him, determined not to let him see how fearful she found her situation, and as the uneasy seconds passed, her hands clenched into fists. Precisely what she intended to do she didn't know, but the cold, sardonic smile that flitted across his dark face at her actions frightened Savanna more than anything that had happened so far.
Her chin jutting out, she demanded, "And now? What do you intend to do now?"
Neither the smile nor the unnerving expression in his dark blue eyes altered in the least. Motioning with the rifle in the direction of the remaining two horses, he murmured, "And now I intend for us to leave before your, er, friend Micajah returns."
Her aquamarine eyes widening with horror, she asked faintly, "Surely you don't mean to...?"
"Take you with me?" Adam finished coolly. "Certainly," His gaze traveled insolently over her lush form. "You and I have a few things to settle between us, don't we?"
Savanna shook her head, the red-gold hair dancing like fire around her shoulders. "But you can't!" she protested stupidly. "You're free! What more can you want?"
Some new emotion leaped in his sapphire eyes, and Adam closed the space between them. Stunningly, Savanna felt his arm close around her, and his breath was warm against her lips as he muttered, "What more can I want, spitfire? Why, I want you."

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