Excerpt from A Heart for the Taking

Instantly awake, she jerked upright with a gasp, clutching the sheet protectively to her bosom. Her eyes widened in shocked horror as she looked in Chance's direction and became aware of his indolent pose in her bed, his arms behind his head as he watched her, the naked expanse of his broad chest rising above the sheets.
Fancy scrubbed her eyes and pinched herself, certain she must be dreaming. Chance Walker could not be in her bed.
"Morning, Duchess," he drawled, his blue eyes gleaming, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.
"What are you doing here?" she hissed. "Get out of my bed immediately. You have no right to be here. Oh, my God! What if someone were to find you here?"
Chance looked hurt "You mean last night meant nothing to you?"
"What do mean, 'last night'?" she asked nervously, explicit memories of her dreams flashing through her mind. Her cheeks flushed. Surely he didn't know that she had dreamed of him? And she had merely been dreaming, hadn't she?
Chance watched with undisguised interest as the roses bloomed in her cheeks. Now, what the devil had brought that on? His eyes narrowed. "You do not remember?"
Fancy took a deep breath. This was ridiculous. She had done nothing wrong, and those dreams, well, those dreams had been just that—dreams. Fixing him with a glare, she said sharply, "Of course I do not remember—there is nothing to remember!"
"That is not exactly how I recall our time together, Duchess."
Fancy's eyes blazed. "Don't call me Duchess."

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