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Trana Mae Simmons

Trana Mae Simmons lives in East Texas with her family and pets in a haunted house. When not writing romance, she loves to travel, exploring off-the-beaten paths. And when a ghost happens by, it delights her immensely.

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The Homespun Hearts Series

Tennessee Waltz

When Sarah Channing's fiancé hardens his heart toward a needy child named Mairi, the New York Socialite puts her wedding on hold to locate the child's only relatives, hidden deep in the Appalachians.

Arriving at Sawback Mountain, Sarah meets Wyn, Mairi's handsome older cousin, and finds herself wishing for something she doesn't have: a glimmer of beauty.

Wyn had his fill of beautiful city-bred women during his time in Washington, DC, as a senator's aide. Yet he's impressed by Sarah, working hard to gain the love and respect of the mountain folks.

But Sarah is making mistake after mistake as she tries to use her money and influence to improve the lives of the children.

Perhaps the proud mountain folk are right: a cultured socialite, even one without beauty, has no place on their mountain or in the heart of a mountain man who's vowed to never again leave the life he loves.

"The mountain community... comes alive under Trana Mae Simmons' artful pen. Her romance charms." ~Gerry Benninger, Romantic Times

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Town Social

Stuck playing sheriff in Liberty Flats, Jake Cameron impatiently waits for headquarters to assign a permanent lawman so he can return to his life as a Texas Ranger.

Then Sunny Fannin sashays into town, intent on claiming her late-mother's estate and bullying the townsfolk into some semblance of social culture.

At least now, Jake has something interesting to watch.

But, Sunny has no use for a lazy Texas Ranger who spends his days watching the folk from beneath his tipped-down hat. She's on the hunt for her scoundrel of a father, who left her mother to raise her alone.

Then the town's orphaned ragamuffin, who's been Sunny's yammering shadow since her arrival, begins talking-up Jake's 'better' side including the Ranger's ability to protect Sunny from danger.

Can the wisdom of a child overcome the obstacles keeping two opposites from attracting? Only if Jake is willing to help Sunny by betraying a perilous secret.

"...a fun-to-read western romance filled with elements from the mystery genre that make it a very interesting reading experience." ~Harriet Klausner

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Winter Dreams

Laura Goodman wants one last opportunity to race her new breed of huskies before settling down as a wife. Her sights set on the Iditarod, Laura knows she needs the help of Sandy Montdulac, the best sled dog trainer alive.

Sandy knows the grueling Iditarod is no place for a woman and an untested breed of dogs. But he needs Laura Goodman's money. Forced to flee Alaska to stop his rich in-laws from taking his child, Sandy vows to keep it 'all business' with Miss Goodman.

Laura is well-prepared for the riggers of training and the backlash from fellow mushers. She didn't plan on falling for the tight-lipped Sandy and his little girl.

But for as much as Laura's laughter and beauty breathes life into Sandy's world, Laura wasn't raised to live life on the run. He will take his little girl and leave when the race starts.

Until Laura proves him wrong.

"...a fast-paced historical romance that brings alive the grueling endurance required of dog [sled] racing... well worth reading." ~Romance and Women's Fiction Exchange

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Daring Western Hearts Series

Montana Surrender

1893, Montana, Little Big Horn Valley

Wrongly accused of a vicious crime, Storm intends to clear his name—and bring the real villain to justice.

But when the lovely Jessica—who's looking for a stash of cursed gold to pay a looming mortgage—stumbles into Storm's tangled web of deception, she up-ends his well-laid plans. And while the fiery passion between them is undeniable, falling in love is far too dangerous.

Trana Mae Simmons understands the wild land, its untamed characters and brings their complex stories to life. — Romantic Times Magazine

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Bittersweet Promises

February 13, 1866, Liberty, Missouri and Missouri Ozarks

Cody Garret likes everything in its place: his horse in the corral, his six-gun in his holster, and his money in the bank. There's no way on earth he can tolerate a woman like Shanna Van Alstyne. With a spirit as fiery as the blazing sun, she has a temper to match.

Unfortunately, southern manners dictate he save her life, but then she's on her own—until a daring robbery throws the infuriating woman back into his arms, again.

"Tender, humorous, and poignant read." ~Gail Collins, Romantic Times Magazine

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Mountain Magic

1829, Wyoming Territory

Jonathan Clay won the ragamuffin, Smelly Woman, in a game of chance. When he got past her smell, he discovered a feisty woman who aroused desire like he'd never known. But taking her to his family in Richmond will surely raise its own stink.

Caitlyn O'Shaunessy, aka Smelly Woman, would rather face down a mama grizzly than confront her feelings for the blue-eyed southerner who rescued her.

But she can't seem to walk away.

"Ms. Simmons throws in just the right touch of excitement, mystery and danger to keep you on the edge of your seat until the last "I love you"." ~Genie Romex Review.

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Enchanted Love Series

Forever Angels

Adirondack Mountains, New York State, 1994

Oklahoma Territory, Eastern Oklahoma, 1893

The day after her broken engagement, rising star attorney Tess Foster sets off into the Adirondack Mountains in New York State to backpack away her broken heart.

Guardian Angel Michael's job is to protect her, but when she breaks her ankle and falls off the mountain, his inadvertent sneeze sends Tess back in time 101 years, into the arms of Stone Chisum, the ultimate broad-shouldered rancher/cowboy.

Her heart heals as she falls in love with Stone and his two lovely Indian children, but neither knows whether their love is doomed if Tess finds herself transported back to her former life, a life she no longer desires.

Stone Chisum has enough on his mind, trying to make a go of his ranch and keeping the town busybodies from taking the children he loves, the son and daughter of Stone's former love. He doesn't need a beautiful city woman from another time, used to luxuries he can't provide.

Despite how hard Stone fights against it, he can't deny his growing feelings for Tess, and with a little angelic help, the newly formed ranching family might have a chance at love.

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Southern Charms

Northern Central Texas, Late 1800's

At his mother's insistence, city-slicker Shane Morgan reluctantly leaves New York City for the wilds of Texas, searching for the daughter of his mother's best friend. A woman who, unbeknownst to her, is an heiress to a huge fortune.

Ellie Parker is the unwanted stepchild doing all the ranch work, while her mother dotes on her real daughter. She drowns her sorrows by running the ranch she loves, enjoying the company of ranch hands, horses, and cattle.

When a polished city slicker shows up and imposes himself upon her life, he refuses to be ignored. But when a lady of the evening, claiming to be Ellie's fairy godmother, along with her spoiled white cat, also intrudes at the same time the circus comes to town, it's all too much for Ellie.

Amid an atmosphere of deception and disbelief, Ellie finds herself falling in love with the totally inappropriate Shane Morgan. But can love find its way through the morass of truths Shane is forced to shroud?

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Witch Angel

Louisiana, 1875

Alaynia Marabeau leaves her Boston home in 2005, planning to restore the historical Louisiana plantation she inherited. Only when she arrives, Chenaie Plantation is in full glory in 1875 and owned by Shain St. Clair.

The Plantation is also home to several ghosts, including Francesca, the golden-haired angel-in-charge, and her junior angel, Sylvia, a black angel, who enjoy the less stressful era in 1875.

Basil, the ghost of Shain's grandfather, wants only to protect Chenaie from the invading Yankee carpetbaggers and prevents Alaynia from returning to her time, considering her helpful in defending Chenaie.

Despite their differences and growing attacks against the plantation, Alaynia grows less and less enthused about leaving this 130-year-old Chenaie as her and Shain's love grows, despite the friction between their differing perspectives on men and women's needs and abilities.

Shain is finally forced to realize his Alaynia is more than a simpering southern belle, but there's still the fact that she might devastate him by returning to her own time.

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New Orleans, 1875

Nick Bardou returns to New Orleans after a ten-year exile, still fighting the demons of his past. But the beautiful strawberry blonde on the harbor dock when he arrives must be a ghost—she's the woman he killed ten years ago.

Wendi Chastain must find her mother's Book of Shadows, or her magic will never right itself. She's unsure whether it surprises her or him—Nick Bardou, the man with the black aura of darkness around him—more when he agrees to help her search his family's plantation.

Together they are both determined not to let the growing love and passion between them thwart their original plans. But Aunt Sybila could be right. Fate has plans for them, including finding justice for the festering wrongs of the past and the truth about the murder.

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