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Susan King

Susan King is the bestselling, award-winning author of 22 historical novels and novellas praised for historical accuracy, master storytelling and lyricism.

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Border Rogues Series

The Raven's Wish

Elspeth Fraser, a beautiful Highland seer, has a sudden vision of a handsome stranger's death.

Then he rides into her life.

Duncan Macrae is the Queen's lawyer, sent north to end the feud between Elspeth's wild Highland cousins and a neighboring clan.

Determined to save his life, Elspeth resists her strong attraction to the queen's handsome and mysterious lawyer, and tries to send him away

Duncan ignores the vibrant Highland lass and the stormy passion she invokes. The Queen's mission must be completed.

But then, a dangerous enemy threatens all Duncan and Elspeth hold dear. They must face their shared destiny—for if the prediction holds true, they will lose all... including the powerful love that could save them both.

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The Raven's Moon

Desperate to help her wrongly imprisoned brother, Mairi Macrae takes to the Scottish highways to steal the execution warrant, and waylays the wrong man when she takes down Border officer Rowan Scott.

A notorious deputy on a secret mission, Rowan wants nothing to do with the beautiful Highland thief—yet soon they are caught in an intrigue over lost treasure and a mysterious portent.

As passion steals both their hearts, Rowan and Mairi must take every risk—and lay down their lives to save each other.

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The Heather Moon

Half-Scots and half gypsy, beautiful Tamsin Armstrong boldly raids across the Border with her kinsmen—until she is captured and held hostage by William Scott, a laird with royal ties.

Amid plots and counterplots, Tamsin and William discover a powerful attraction. Then fate thrusts them into a diabolical scheme to abduct the infant, queen of Scots, and a grave danger that could destroy them all.

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Celtic Nights Series

The Stone Maiden

Desperate to save her diminished clan, Alainna MacLaren, heiress to a vast Highland property, seeks a warrior to protect her people—but he must agree to marry her and take her clan's surname.

When the king sends a foreign knight to wed Alainna and gain control of her lands, Sebastien le Bret vows to lend his sword but not his heart—nor will he sacrifice his name and honor. Yet he is powerfully attracted to Alainna—a stone carver of mystical talent—whose pride and passion more than match his own.

But a local legend predicts disaster as time grows short—unless the warrior and the maiden can conquer stubborn pride and give in to the power of love.

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The Swan Maiden

When Lady Juliana, a beautiful Scottish rebel, is captured by the English and paraded as the legendary Swan Maiden, a knight sworn to the English king recognizes her as the girl he rescued years before.

Ordered by the king to marry Lady Juliana and find the rebels she protects, Sir Gawain must resist the beautiful, feisty rebel and hide his own treasonous secrets while discovering hers—even as passion brings them together.

But if the king hears of their dangerous intentions, their lives will be forfeited before love can ever set them free.

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The Sword Maiden

Eva MacArthur is desperate to protect her dispossessed clan and reclaim her island fortress from the evil lord who has stolen her heritage. To win she must take up a sword—and rely on the man she once loved.

Blacksmith Lachlann MacKerron has sworn never to craft another weapon or give away his heart, but he cannot refuse Eva or the fire that burns between them.

Bound by fate and passion, together they must save a shining legend or lose all.

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Laird of the Wind

The beautiful Isobel of Aberlady is coveted by many men for the power of her prophetic visions. Isobel's father has kept her isolated at Aberlady Castle for this very reason. But when he is taken prisoner in battle, Isobel must rely on her own resources to protect her besieged castle and its people.

Just when all hope seems lost, James Lindsay, Scottish knight turned outlaw, scales the high castle walls to save her. Isobel obeys the counsel of her guards and escapes with James, certain he will deliver her safely to her betrothed, Sir Ralph Leslie.

But James has other plans, plans that go even further awry when the hardened warrior finds the lure of the gentle lady more than he can deny.

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The Scottish Lairds

Taming the Heiress

According to Scottish legend, the kelpie, a magical sea creature, grants good fortune to the Isle of Caransay upon finding a bride on the sea rock. When Meg MacNeill spends one night on that rugged rock as local tradition demands, a handsome man emerges from the sea—and passion takes its course. Legend fulfilled, the mysterious man disappears.

Seven years later, Dougal Stewart, engineer and deep sea diver, returns to the Caransay to build a lighthouse on the very rock where he washed ashore—but Baroness Strathlin is determined to stop construction. Little does Dougal realize that the barefoot island beauty he often meets is not only the mysterious baroness herself, but the girl he once loved that memorable night—and the fair-haired boy with her is his own son.

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Waking the Princess

Years ago, Christina Blackburn posed for a scandalous painting that rocked the Victorian art world—and nearly ruined her life. Now a proper antiquarian for the National Museum, Christina hides her smoldering beauty behind an icy façade and prim spectacles. When the museum sends Christina to examine an ancient Highland treasure, she comes face-to-face with the same notorious painting—and its dangerously handsome owner.

Sir Aedan MacBride knows that a local legend of a sleeping maiden says the estate's heir must never fall in love, which suits him fine—until he meets Christina Blackburn. Convinced that the painting's beautiful model is the key to saving his threatened lands, he is desperate to discover what she knows about the old legend—yet he never expects love to interfere.

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Kissing the Countess

Evan Mackenzie, newly Earl of Kildonan, returns to the beautiful, remote Highland mountains of his childhood with no intention of staying. Haunted by tragedy, he plans to sell the vast property and return to Edinburgh—until fate takes a hand.

Stranded overnight on a snowy mountainside with a lovely Highland girl, he is honor-bound to marry her despite his plans. But Catriona MacConn has a secret mission to protect at any cost, and though the handsome, mysterious earl wins her heart, she will fulfill that promise—even if it means giving up the love of her dreams.

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Celtic Lairds Series

The Angel Knight

When English troops threaten Lady Christiane MacGillean's beloved castle, she has no choice but to set it ablaze—and with it, the ancient treasure hidden there. Escaping into the Highland hills, she is quickly captured, taken south and caged by the English king. Outraged by the lady's treatment, Sir Gavin Faulkener bargains for her life—and suddenly finds himself not only guardian of her castle, but wedded to her as well.

As they rebuild the ruined tower together, Christiane begins to trust the knight, who cannot deny his deepening passion for her—but he is honor-bound to the king, and the lady remains very much a rebel.

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Lady Miracle

Desperate to save his ailing niece, Highland warrior Diarmid Campbell seeks out the young woman he once saw perform a healing miracle on a battlefield. But when he finds her—now a trained physician—she denies her gift.

Undeterred, Diarmid carries the stubborn beauty off to his Highland stronghold. Yet as the captive lady reveals her deepest secret—and the warrior opens his closed heart—a perilous enemy emerges to threaten them. Soon they must rely on each other—and a miracle only love can bring.

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The Whisky Lairds

Laird of Twilight

James MacCarran, the new Viscount Struan, has no desire to venture onto the thorny battlefield of marriage. But his grandmother's will issues an ultimatum—marry a Highlander with fairy blood or forfeit his inheritance. Then he meets Elspeth MacArthur. She's beautiful, enchanting—luminous, really—with something mysterious and unique about her.

Yet, Elspeth is keeping an astonishing family secret and spurns the hopeful and handsome Lord Straun, confident he will never accept her situation.

But when an ancient and mystical force portends to reveal the truth behind her secret, Elspeth quickly realizes her only haven is in James' passionate embrace . . . the most dangerous place of all.

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Laird of Secrets

To fulfill the requirements of her grandmother's will and claim her inheritance, Fiona MacCarran must marry a wealthy Highlander, and soon. Her teaching position in the remote Highland glen where her brother is the excise officer offers little hope of finding such a husband until she meets Dougal MacGregor, Laird of Kinloch. Fiona longs to be in the arms of the handsome laird who knows the secret of local fairy lore. He's also a notorious rogue and whisky smuggler.

Moving his finest whisky—and fast—is how Dougal MacGregor protects his people. It ought to be simple, but nothing is easy after Fiona MacCarran arrives. With a valuable cache and an age-old legend to protect, he cannot allow the sensual schoolmistress to distract him. After all, a Highland rebel and a law-abiding lass who is sister to the customs officer—can't have a future together.

But when a conflict threatens the glen and its magical secret, Dougal and Fiona must work together to protect the people—and soon realize that only sweet surrender will save them as well.

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Laird of Rogues

When King George IV announces his visit to Edinburgh to meet Ronan MacGregor, Laird of Glenbrae, the distiller of his favorite whisky, the city’s deputy lord provost removes the falsely accused Whisky Laird from the dungeon to tidy him up and have his daughter teach the man some English. What the provost doesn’t know: the celebrated Highland rogue is secretly a polished lawyer from Inverness.

Ellison Graham, the deputy provost's daughter, who speaks Gaelic, goes to work transforming the rough and rugged Highlander into a gentleman, teaching him a little English, some manners, and a little dancing.

Sequestered together at her family’s country estate, Ronan plays the fool while planning his escape, but is unexpectedly captivated by the delicate, feisty Ellison—a secret writer of sensational adventure fiction.

Then the deputy provost and his beautiful daughter are threatened, and Ronan faces a decision—grasp his freedom, or stay to protect the gentle love that could change his life forever . . . if he can stay out of the dungeon.

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Highland Dreamers Series

Stealing Sophie

—Scottish Highlands, 1728—

Quickly wedded against her will, Sophie MacCarran is held captive in a Highland lair of Jacobite rebels. Nothing in her convent upbringing prepared her to marry a Highland rogue.

Looking for an escape, she uses her best weapon—her saintly nature. Sophie makes Connor MacPherson’s life a living hell by creating heaven around him--gambling that her sweet feminine influence in his ruined castle and den of thieves will soon send her packing.

But Connor secretly yearns to leave the brigand life behind and claim his lost title and home. He turns the tables on Sophie's plans, even as his remarkable bride works her natural magic on his carefully protected heart.

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Keeping Kate

—Scottish Highlands, 1728—

A brazen beauty rumored to possess fairy magic, Kate MacCarran has charmed and seduced English military men out of carefully guarded secrets to aid the Scottish cause. But then the infamous Katie Hell meets the one man seemingly immune to her legendary allure and enchanting trickery.

Captain Alec Fraser of the Black Watch has no doubt Katie Hell is trouble. Hadn’t she just drugged him, kissed him, and searched through his belongings? Having captured the elusive Scottish spy, he must singlehandedly transport her to Edinburgh and justice. But, the Highland hellion challenges him at every turn, determined to escape with her secrets—and his.

Alec quickly discovers that keeping Kate out of mischief—without losing his heart—is nearly impossible while Kate realizes that surrendering to the power of love may be her most dangerous mission yet.

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Single Titles

The Black Thorne's Rose

Stripped of her castle and lands, gently bred Lady Emlyn refuses marriage to a cruel lord and flees to the safety of the greenwood—where she soon falls for a bold forest outlaw, the Black Thorne, who courts danger in King John’s England .

Swept up in a game of passion and daring deception, Emlyn learns too late that the mysterious outlaw and the ruthless lord she despises are one and the same man.

Now, for both Thorne and Emlyn, the greatest risk of all exists in the truth... and love.

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