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S.L. Menear

Critically-acclaimed author Rebecca Sinclair lives in a circa 1865 house complete with a widow's walk, a Table-of-Death and, of course, its own ghosts! When Rebecca isn't crafting stories, she enjoys time with her family, reading (a lot!) and listening to a wide variety of music.


Samantha Starr Thriller Series

Flight to Redemption

Cleared by the NTSB of any fault when a mid-flight explosion demands a white-knuckle emergency landing of a Boeing jumbo jet, twenty-six-year-old pilot Samantha 'Danger Magnet' Starr heads to the Scottish Highlands for rest and relaxation.

But serenity quickly fades when Sam rescues a boy named Charlie, abducted by a political terrorist organization.

Arriving at the nearest police station hoping to return Charlie to his powerful and influential father, Sam discovers the police are aligned with the abductors, and are fingering her for kidnapping.

Now dodging terrorists, corrupt police, and haunted by her younger brother's kidnapping and murder years prior, Sam will do anything to protect Charlie in a thrilling Flight to Redemption.

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Flight to Destiny

Hired to pilot a charter flight of celebrities on a 'round the world adventure, the passengers invite Samantha and the flight crew to join in their explorations.

Touring a Hong Kong curio shop, Samantha is given an artifact, by the owner, along with a cryptic message that's punctuated by a hail of bullets from those seeking the powerful weapon of mass destruction to which the artifact guides.

Now dodging a maelstrom of waring cults, arms dealers, and world powers all intent on owning the weapon, Sam must find a way to do the extraordinary: save her crew and her passengers while destroying the path to this ancient evil in a Flight to Destiny.

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Triple Threat

The only person capable of locating and destroying an ancient weapon of mass destruction, 26-year-old airline pilot Samantha Starr is on the adventure of a lifetime.

World leaders and an evil billionaire hot on her trail, Sam is joined by her twin brothers in the U.S. Navy, and her Scottish boyfriend to save half the world’s population.

But as the clock runs down, Sam realizes she must make the ultimate sacrifice in the face of a Triple Threat.

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When Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran threaten America and the UK in a deadly race to secure advanced scientific data deep below the ocean's surface, airline pilot Samantha Starr lands in the center of the crisis. Captain Starr's unique knowledge of Atlantean weapons and systems is crucial if the crew on the USS Leviathan is to succeed against overwhelming odds.

The international crisis heats to a boil when Sam’s charter flight goes missing over a remote part of the South American jungle. When a Special Forces team that includes Sam’s Scottish boyfriend and her SEAL brother is sent to find her, the team discovers an underground city with a terrifying secret.

Now, as the US goes to DEFCON 1 and WW 3 looms, Sam must free herself from an evil adversary in time to avert a global catastrophe.

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When Special Air Service Captain Ross Sinclair is taken prisoner by Lord Edgar Sweetwater, it's up to airline pilot Samantha Starr to rescue him. But the price of Ross’s freedom is the Blue Dragon Diamond, lost in Africa thousands of years ago.

Aided by an Atlantis artifact, Samantha and her makeshift team race the clock to locate the enormous diamond and trade it for the man who owns Sam’s heart.

But the diamond Sam seeks is no ordinary gem, it's not even an extraordinary gem . . . it’s proof of a power beyond anything the modern world can imagine.

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Jettine Jorgensen Mystery Series

Dead Silent

While on leave, Navy Intelligence Officer, Jettine Jorgensen, returns to Banyan Isle to revisit the unsolved cold case of her parents’ deaths, only to discover two bodies under her guest bed—the recently deceased Mayor Peabody, and his very-much-alive and panicked paramour.

Jett’s best friend, police detective Gwen Stuart, comes to Jett’s aid, along with Sophia DeLuca, Jett’s live-in dog nanny and daughter of a late mafia kingpin.

When Jett’s dive boat is bombed, her car explodes while investigating her parents’ crash site, and Sophia stops an armed intruder after discovering Jett’s security guard dead, it quickly becomes apparent that someone with long-held secrets wants them all Dead Silent.

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Dropped Dead

Having just opened her new Valkyrie Private Detective Agency, Jett Jorgensen is eager for new clients but doesn’t anticipate the bodies being dropped on her estate—dead men with their feet in concrete buckets.

While possessing a dark secret that could kill everyone around her, Mona Wang moves in to assist Jett with her new Valkyrie Private Detective Agency.

When five king cobras are found on her estate, followed by body drops, a late-night assault, and the kidnapping of Sophia the dog nanny, Jett calls in ex-SEALS.

But when Jett is kidnapped, she may be the next one dropped dead.

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Other Books by S.L. Menear

Life, Love & Laughter

Enjoy exciting and hilarious true stories involving the authors’ adventurous exploits and fictitious stories involving crime-solving dogs, murder mysteries, a creepy story about a haunted house, interesting flight attendant and pilot stories, aerobatic lessons leading to divorce, a terrifying first solo flight, soaring in a glider, hang-gliding over Biscayne Bay, hot-air ballooning, an airliner stranded by an earthquake, a dangerous airline evacuation of Saigon, an emergency landing after total engine failure, flight training in a jet airliner; a thrilling first ocean dive, a terrifying shark attack, diving to 800 feet in a submarine, an exciting ride on a horse named Satan, funny stories about naughty seniors, an endearing love story between two antique cars, an unusual love story based on supernatural events, a murder mystery based on an ancient weapon invented by Merlin, a murder mystery involving disgruntled authors and snotty literary agents, and many stories involving humorous situations.

Like a vacation in a book, enjoy this clean and wholesome collection of 50 engaging adult stories. Sure to spirit you away whenever you need an escape and send you home with a smile.

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