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Critically-acclaimed author Richard Bowker has published a variety of novels including science fiction, mysteries and thrillers.When he isn't writing, Richard enjoys life with family and friends, and offering thoughts on writing, reading and learning at



The Last P.I. Series

Dover Beach

In an America broken by a "limited" nuclear war, no one has use for would-be private eye Wally Sands. No one except for Dr. Charles Winfield, an eccentric scientist who believes he was cloned from a prominent biochemist as part of a top-secret project undertaken before the war.

Sands sets out to find Winfield's mysterious progenitor, but finds himself on the trail of a killer instead.

Now, in far-away, fabled England, Sands must uncover the facts about the case that has brought him to his promised land, and at the same time confront the unsettling truth about his world, his life, and his loyalties.

A story of love and betrayal, life and death, the future and the past. A story that will make you laugh, make you cry—and make you think

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The Distance Beacons

Walter Sands, the private eye of Dover Beach, returns in this memorable sequel.
The president of the United States has arrived in Boston. Her job: convince New England to become part of the new government formed in the aftermath of nuclear war.
Walter's job: protect America's President from The Second American Revolution, a shadowy group intent on foiling her plan.
Then the president is kidnapped and Walter moves from private eye to prime suspect. But Water refuses to give up hope. With the help of his friends, he must save her to save himself.
And, perhaps, he can save America, too.

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Where All The Ladders Start

Walter Sands is back!
In crippled, post-nuclear Boston, private investigator Walter Sands is neck-deep in the mysterious--and possibly miraculous--disappearance of Flynn Dobler, the charismatic leader of the Church of the New Beginning.
Meanwhile, the governor of New England orders Walter to follow the head of a Federal delegation charged with negotiating a vital treaty, a man who the governor suspects is fomenting a revolution.
Before long, both cases collide, and Walter's life hangs in the balance.

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The Psychic Thriller Series


Valentina is the most dangerous woman in the world. A powerful psychic, she's used to turn loyal American operatives into KGB double agents.

But, Valentina has one weakness—her infatuation with Daniel Fulton, the brilliant, enigmatic American pianist.

Valentina hopes her love for Fulton will free her from the KGB. Instead, she's trapped into using her powers one final time.

Success will change history. Failure will doom the only person she loves... at the Summit

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Marlborough Street

Unshaven, unkempt, and an avid Boston Red Sox fan, Alan Simpson is a reluctant psychic and tracker of persons, missing or dead.

When the mayor's son is kidnapped, Alan is brought in to investigate the crime.

From the start, Alan is haunted by the image of a beautiful and troubled young woman named Julia—a woman he is fated to love.

But Julia is part of the crime and the pawn of Seth Stone, a powerful psychic questing for ultimate power.

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The Portal Series


Larry Barnes has made a spectacular discovery—an invisible portal to a parallel universe, where Burger King is Burger Queen, cell phones are huge, and his hometown doesn't look anything like the place where he lives.

When Larry returns, he tells his best friend, Kevin, who convinces him to re-enter The Portal. What could go wrong?

This time, Larry and Kevin enter a world devoid of modern technology, where "America" doesn't exist, and New England is losing a war against Canada and New Portugal. Unable to get back to The Portal, they offer their knowledge to the New England army in order to survive and gain hope of returning home.

But when the ambitious lieutenant using their services discovers just how valuable Larry and Kevin's knowledge is, he changes the plan.

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Back to his normal life, Larry Barnes thinks he'll never again see the Portal—a strange device that took him to a parallel universe—until a beautiful woman appears and begs for his help.

The mysterious preacher Larry previously encountered in the parallel universe is in trouble on another world, and only Larry can save him.

Against his better judgment, Larry enters the Portal, and finds himself in a desperate battle against a priesthood trying to kill the preacher—and now him.

While struggling to defeat the priests and then return home, Larry senses he may have powers he never dreamed of, and that his fate is inextricably linked to the preacher... and the Portal.

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Single Titles


The Catholic Church has a new leader—an obscure African cardinal reputed to be a miracle-worker.

When an incendiary talk-show host incites public opposition to the pope's planned visit to Boston's Fenway Park, Father Joe Hurley and Lieutenant Kathleen Morelli of the Boston Police Department investigate despite their superiors' opposition.

Quickly and irresistibly attracted to each other, Hurly and Morelli are pulled ever deeper into a web of intrigue as the pope moves into the assassin's sights

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Jim O'Connor, the Republican senator from Massachusetts, is a handsome, charismatic family man—and a future contender for the presidency.

But when O'Connor discovers his mistress brutally murdered in her apartment, he becomes a number-one homicide suspect of the Boston Police Department.

With November on the horizon and his campaign spinning out of control, the Senator must hunt down a killer in the capital of lies—in order to salvage his battered political career...and his own life.

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Shana York, the brilliant young head of York Robotics is kidnapped and blackmailed into creating an android replica of Randall Forrester—the president of the United States.

If she fails, the price is death.

If she succeeds, it could mean the end of the world.

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Forbidden Sanctuary

Father Al Bernardi, S.J., has a problem. He gave sanctuary to the one man all the world wants to see—an alien from Numos.

The aliens wanted him back because he alone can reveal the location of their homeworld and the secret of faster-than-light travel.

The UN is all for giving him back to prevent a retaliatory alien attack.

The world at large wants peace, at any cost.

Father Bernardi merely wants to save a life… so he calls his friend at the Vatican.

And all hell breaks loose.

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