About The Author

M.J. Schiller

Having recently taught four children to drive, lunch lady M.J. Schiller likes to escape from life by writing, and occasionally pretending to be a rock star at karaoke. However... don't expect to see her name on any record labels.


The Devilish Divas Series

To Hell in a Coach Bag

Four Midwest Lunch Ladies Find Adventure On The Road in TO HELL IN A COACH BAG

A wacky widow, a wild divorcee, a frustrated wife, and their mid-life hormonal boss are the "lunch ladies". On a quest to find solace from life's disappointments and recapture their youthful spirit, Dani, Sam, Alex and Max set out on a cross-country road trip.

As their sisterhood brings adventure and opens the door to new relationships, happiness could be just around the bend, or they may be heading to Hell in a Coach bag.

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Damned if I Do

The Lunch Ladies are Back in DAMNED IF I DO--And They Might Be Damned If They Say I Do

Dogged by past heartache, Dani returns to the hotel to win Tucker back. But her hot roadie is nowhere to be found. Picking up a few clues, Dani goes in hot pursuit, but will it be for better or for worse?

Sam has pushed her man Kyle away. And when the Canadian hockey referee reappears, he faces an icy reception. Now Sam must decide if she wants to turn her "I don't" into "I do".

But whatever Dani and Sam come up with, you're in for a wild ride with the lunch ladies! Better buckle your seatbelt...

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The Devil You Know

Life Brings Love, Laughter and Tears for The Lunch Ladies in The Women's Fiction Tale, THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, by M.J. Schiller

Lunch Ladies Dani, Max, and Alex want to make sure wedding bells ring for pal Samantha and her fiancé, Kyle, even if it requires a showdown with Sam's ex and a case of Ding Dongs to avert disaster. But first, they need to find the bride!

Meanwhile newlyweds Dani and Tucker face the joys and struggles of a growing blended-family as Tucker's teenaged daughter, Zoe, who is enamored with the boy next door, enacts a plan that puts her in a risky situation.

To rescue Zoe, find Sam, and get her and Kyle to the alter, will take a Lunch Lady team effort... because no one can hurt you quite like THE DEVIL YOU KNOW.

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Satan, Line One

The Lunch Ladies Land One Devil of a Boss in The Women's Fiction Saga, SATAN, LINE ONE by M.J. Schiller

Dealing with their ramrod-straight, devil of a new boss has everyone in the kitchen on edge. But when Danielle and Samantha decide to send her to “Lunch Ladies Dating School”, will she become the toast of the town or send them all to the unemployment office?

Meanwhile, new information about the boy who assaulted Danielle and Tucker’s daughter, Zoe, awakens sympathy for the attacker. Should mercy be shown toward the person who hurt their daughter?

When Kyle, Tucker, Sam, Tara and her husband gather to christen their friend's new business, the evening ends with a big surprise.
Wherever the lunch ladies are, trouble and mayhem aren’t far behind because when the phone rings, it's SATAN, LINE ONE!

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