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Mallory Rush

Mallory Rush, aka Olivia Rupprecht, has been published by Bantam, Doubleday, Harlequin Books, and Dorchester Publishing. Her many titles have frequented bestseller lists. Mallory is also the series developer for True Vows, the first reality-based romance line from HCI Books.


Shades of Deception Series

Just a Little Lie

Mariah Garnet didn't mean any harm when she sent her older sister's picture to Sgt. Sol Standish—her pen-pal stationed in the Middle East—and forgot to mention that at 18 she's on a fast track to becoming a surgeon like her dad.

Then Sol is badly wounded in combat, and there's no time to straighten things out before Mariah grants him his last wish—her hand in marriage—over the phone.

Sol didn't expect to live, or return home with a battered body and defeated spirit, to face a new bride who isn't at all what he'd expected.

Now Mariah must convince him that she's much more than the little lies that landed his ring on her finger.

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Just a Little Taboo

Cammie Walker has everyone fooled—almost.

On the outside she has the perfect career, perfect looks, perfect tight-knit family, perfect everything.

Inwardly, she's a mess. After three broken engagements there is only one man she can love and trust without question: Her adopted brother Grant Kennedy.

Grant has loved Cammie like anything but an adopted sister since the day she moved into his parents' house and took up residence in his heart. Knowing Cammie only sees him as her little brother is torture... until Cammie accidentally sees more than a little of him in the buff.

Now Cammie and Grant must choose. Risk everything by coming forward with the truth. Or continue to deceive the family they both love as their forbidden love affair spins out of control and threatens to break far more hearts than theirs alone.

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Just a Little Misgiving

Faith Taylor has a secret. Several, actually:

One, she's been in love with her sister's husband, Myles Wellington, for years.

Two, she's having his baby.

Three, he doesn't know it.

Myles is consumed with grief, having lost his wife to a terminal illness. Then he discovers that his late wife convinced her sister to be a surrogate to their baby.

Torn between fury and gratitude, Myles insists that Faith move in so they can raise the child together, and unknowingly gets too close to Faith's biggest secret of all... until an even bigger secret threatens a loss neither ever imagined.

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Just a Little Sin

She's too hot to handle and he doesn't stand a prayer.

Delilah Sampson is on the run. With two pre-teens in tow, Delilah moves to small Iowa town and is quickly branded a woman of loose morals.

Rev. Matthew Peters is seeking redemption. Sensing a kindred spirit in the town's newest resident, Matt reaches out to Delilah and her children, putting his own reputation on the line in an attempt to gain their acceptance into the community.

As Dee struggles to maintain a low profile, sparks begin to fly between her and the sinfully handsome reverend.

Could Matt's promise of a bright future be worth the danger of trusting him? Or will Delilah's past catch up with her before salvation can be found in the arms of her preacher-man?

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Outlaws and Heroes Series

Love Slave

Rand Slick knows the white slave trade is alive and well. But not even his wealth and power can buy access to the slave bazaar.

Rand needs a woman... with very special talents.

Private detective Rachel Tinsdale is facing the most dangerous assignment of her career: being auctioned off as a Wall Street mogul's plaything.

Then the nights bring new danger: an aching desire to share in Rand's shadowy secrets and show him the pleasures of a woman who is no man's slave.

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Dead or Alive

Alaska was a rough and tumble place in the 1800s when outlaw Noble Zhivago was forced to run for his life—only to be buried alive in an avalanche!

Now, a century later, Noble is discovered, frozen in time, by a policeman's young widow.

Lori Morgan can't resist the irrational desire to release the rugged hunk from his icy tomb. Nor can she explain why Noble ignites fiery passions she thought dead.

Then Lori discovers Nobel is a murderer, wanted Dead or Alive.

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Danger & Desire

Clay Barker is a damaged man with a carefully crafted image that masks his real job: CEO of Revenge Unlimited.

Then Clay makes the mistake of roughing up a bad but well-connected Federal agent.

That's when Agent Melissa Lovelace gets her orders—to set Clay Barker up and lure him in, using herself as bait.

But the real enemy is blurring the lines between right and wrong, and desire has arrived fully cocked and loaded.

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Risky Lovers Series

Love Trade

Rand Slick, a Wall Street mogul with a deeply buried past, has a missing sister to find and a promise to keep. He knows exactly where Sarah is: Zebedique, an international haven for the White Slave Trade. His contacts in high places have guaranteed him a seat at an upcoming private auction. Rand can easily take care of the unlimited line of credit required. What’s missing is a female PI willing to be kidnapped, stripped and auctioned to make contact with his sister.

Rachel Tinsdale is only 23, the ink still wet on her PI license, when Rand Slick walks through the door of her low-rent office. He's a smooth operator with some dangerously rough edges…and he is willing to pay a handsome sum. He's way out of her league, just as Rand knows she could really mess with the man he’s become—one who has the instincts of a shark, the ethics of a snake, and the hunger of a wolf.

Purchased for $2 million, Rachel plays the role of concubine love slave. But as the time draws near to execute the daring rescue, neither expect to find all that is missing within themselves and a love affair with an explosive mixture of danger and desire.

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Love Lessons

Twenty-seven-year-old children's librarian, Whitney Smith, has six-months to live—or so she thinks. Shunning treatment, she chooses to live out her bucket-list in the time she has left. Topping her list is losing her embarrassing virginity to a fabulous lover with whom she can have a mad, passionate (albeit temporary) affair on an exotic Caribbean island.

Dr. Eric Townsend, a renowned and brilliant volcanologist with a taste for danger, is entranced with the self-assured and sensual Whitney, so much so that he's fallen deeply in love and wants a permanent relationship.

Whitney returns to Mobile, feeling ill and preparing to die only to discover her disease is treatable, and her most recent illness is a temporary condition called pregnancy. Broke, jobless and having presented herself as a fraud to the man who loves her, Whitney reaches out to Eric to see if he can love the “real” her in the hope of a genuine and lasting happy-ever-after. But love has many lessons.

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Love Game

Young widow Chris Nicholson is determined to never love again, but her little girl, Audrey, longs fo a daddy. Then old flame Greg Reynolds, who broke Chris’s heart in high school, shows up on Christmas Eve, and old feelings rush in.

Greg Reynolds, now a twice-divorced Marine Major, is far from “daddy material”, but a quick and memorable holiday love affair is more than enticing. In a few weeks, he’ll return to The Pentagon, and she’ll go searching for The Great American Daddy.

The tables turn when intimate love games reveal layers of deep desire neither knew were possible.

But Greg knows he is not the type of man Chris needs, yet he can’t stop his heart from aching for her and the family she possesses, and Chris plans to take her “Daddy Search” back to her hometown, along with a secret growing inside of her.

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Paranormal Romance Books

Madness and Magic

In this set of paranormal indulgences the madness of love is as timeless as the magic in an eternal kiss.

Indulgence #1- Madness: Kiss of the Vampire
1872 Oregon: Annabelle Rawlings, whose sudden blindness as a child remains a mystery, can't see Heath's transformation when it turns dark—yet she holds the key to the spell that will either seal their fate as lovers or rip their worlds apart.

Indulgence #2 - Magic: Kiss of Kismet
Valerie Smith is a struggling writer with rent to pay. Jake Larson runs Fantasies magazine. When a chance meeting places Valerie's sizzling prose into Jake's hands, Valerie's dreams could become the stuff of reality... or is Jake just a fantasy himself, compliments of a stranger's gift from a shop known as Kismet?

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Kiss of the Beast

Eva Campbell has a secret fantasy. A brilliant scientist on the brink of revolutionizing virtual reality, Eva intends to create the perfect man. Little does she know that an alien race is observing her with designs of their own.

Urich is the only remaining member of his changling breed capable of convincing Eva to bring his species back from the edge of extinction. Wickedly handsome and sinfully perfect, Urich is much more than Eva bargained for—and far more human than even Urich planned to be when it came to football, sex and love.

But, with the weight of the universe resting on Urich's ability to put duty above earthly desire, can Beauty save her savage Beast, or will their forbidden love destroy them both?

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Other Books by Mallory Rush

In Too Deep

Single mother of twins, Angel Carmichael is desperate enough to take a belly dancing gig at a bachelor party after being laid off from L.J. Steele. She must keep her babies fed and the mortgage holders at bay.

When the dancing gig takes an unexpected turn, disaster opens the door for destiny in the form of Zachary Taylor—a hunky workaholic whose sense of decency doesn't extend to keeping his hands off an L.J. Steele employee he'd let go sight unseen.

For Zach, doing what's necessary to keep a failing company from going under is nothing new. But forming a "friends with benefits" relationship, is. He never expects to fall for Angel, or her darling twins,

Faith and Hope.

But there are no easy answers as the ever-ticking clock winds down on L.J. Steele and a mother's protective instincts clash with the needs of her body and soul.

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Between The Sheets

Psychologist Claire O'Hara hasn't had a date in two years when she signs up with Love Letters, a match-making site known for its chart-breaking odds of finding your soul mate. And so it would appear when she and "Daniel" enter into an on-line exchange of scorching emails—ironically about the same time that Graham LeFarge, the site's founder, enters her office and changes all the rules.

Graham soon finds himself caught in a tangle of good intentions gone terribly awry. Falling in love was not part of the plan for this man of many secrets—and once the truth is out, it's all or nothing behind closed doors where looks aren't always what they seem.

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Half-Moon Hearts

Aaron Breedlove knew young Addy McDonald was forbidden fruit. So he fled to the city that never sleeps.

But when destiny calls him back to Half-Moon Hollow, what was once forbidden has now ripened in a most delicious and womanly way...

All grown up and still waiting for her dream-man to reappear, Addy is more than ready to marry Aaron and force peace between their battling families.

But what happens when a spitfire siren from the hills learns the ways of the world? And what of the man torn between possession of his muse and setting her free?

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Hurts So Good

Long before Fifty Shades, there was Neil Grey...

At the height of his bad-boy musician career, Neil Grey disappears into the shadows of his New Orleans jazz club. Determined to bury his name in obscurity and his dark secrets in self-destruction, Neil lives by a code designed to protect him from anyone trying to get too close.

But, close is exactly what undercover journalist Andrea Post needs for her career-making exposé, until Neil's compelling touch awakens much more than she bargained for.

Now Andrea must decide if her ticket to the top is more important than laying claim to its subject... a secretive man who will exact a heavy price if he discovers the truth she's wrapped in temptation.

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Bad Boy of New Orleans

Bad boy Chance Renault grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Micah Sinclair was an innocent debutante from old money. But the forbidden love they found didn't care.

However, Micah's parents did care and railroaded Chance out of Micah's life, until...

Years later when Micah, now newly widowed and nearly destitute, is trying to make her way in a world that has never played by the rules.

And neither does Chance.

Now a rich bad-boy out to settle the score between them, Chance is not above playing dirty. And Micah is about to learn that playing with fire is even hotter the second time around.

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Date With The Devil

All they had were each other and their survival instincts...

When The Devil’s Triangle swallows a tour boat, Sterling Jakes, an ex-special forces commando, grabs his nearest shipmate.

It is Diedre Forsythe, a shy librarian raised on opera and caviar, who awakens on a deserted island in the arms of a savage stranger.

But it is the stranger within herself that Diedre must come to terms with—the woman who thrills to a dangerous man’s touch as she and Sterling discover the depth of their primal connection when the trappings of civilization are stripped away.

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