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Linda Hale Bucklin

A fourth generation San Franciscan, Linda Bucklin now lives in Mill Valley, CA. She has worked in public relations and as a freelance writer. Her articles have appeared in HOUSE AND GARDEN, JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, and NOB HILL GAZETTE. In 1999, together with Mary Keil, she co-authored COME RAIN or COME SHINE, published by Adams Media. In 2008, her second book, BEYOND HIS CONTROL, Memoir of a Disobedient Daughter, was published. Twice it was on the New York Times Best Sellers list. In it she writes of growing up in a privileged San Francisco family and chronicles her struggle to understand its dynamics. THE NEW YORK POST described it as a "jolting new memoir". Linda's passions include her family and friends, camping in Montana, fly fishing, hunting, and duplicate bridge.


Books by Linda Hale Bucklin

Beyond His Control: Memoir of a Disobedient Daughter

Linda Hale Bucklin's Inspiring Story of Forgiveness and Resilience

Beyond His Control is for anyone seeking to understand the power of forgiveness and resilience. Linda Hale Bucklin recounts her extraordinary life, the unraveling of her family, and her own journey of forgiveness. With this book, you will discover:

• The power of resilience and overcoming adversity
• The strength to forgive and find peace
• How to make the most of your life, no matter the circumstances

In March 1969, Linda learned of her vivacious mother's death, her right temple blown out by a bullet from her father's pistol. Was it suicide or homicide?

Standing up to her father, Prentis Cobb Hale—heir to the Broadway/Hale Department Store fortune—Linda is disinherited and ostracized from the family she loves. The family unravels when her father marries Hollywood hostess Denise Minnelli, stepmother to Liza Minnelli.

This book includes Linda's vivid account of her life, her father's decision to leave the family fortune to Denise Minnelli, and her own journey to forgiveness. It also includes her recollections of the family's 10,000-acre ranch, hunting trips to Africa and Alaska, and high society vignettes of a fourth-generation San Francisco family.

With this book, you will find the power of resilience in overcoming adversity that brings life-transforming peace.

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Come Rain or Come Shine

Linda and Mary met in San Francisco. Both writers, mothers, and seekers of the truth, they began a friendship that has lasted twenty years.
Linda and Mary's joint exploration into topics like vulnerability, trust and honesty led to Come Rain or Come Shine a book of stories about friendship, based upon interviews with many women across America.

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The Love of Angels

Real stories of spiritual encounters bridging the gap between our lives and the divine.
This collection of stories, including the author's own, chronicles encounters with angels, spiritual beings, living people, and animals who show up to remind us of love's power.
This book leads us toward a deeper understanding of how to integrate our relationship with the divine into our world here on Earth.
Living our lives in love is what carries us onward in our journey home, to the light on that distant shore.
"These inspiring stories help us understand we are always surrounded by angels and spiritual guides who come to help us live our best possible lives." ~Susan Smith Jones, PhD, Motivations Speaker, author of 27 books
"Reading THE LOVE OF ANGELS made me feel loved, connected and supported in my daily life." ~Valerie Andrews, author and founder of Sacred Words: A Center for Healing Stories.

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The Distant Shore

We all deal with our grief in different ways. Bill, my beloved husband of forty years, died unexpectedly after a short illness. During our years together, we made a pact that whoever passed first would communicate with the other.

As shocked and devastated as I was by Bill’s sudden departure, I came to accept that his not lingering was his final earthly gift to me. Moreover, he has honored our agreement, coming to me in dreams and through music.

From the afterlife, Bill’s guiding spirit shows me I am stronger than I think and has made me appreciate the beauty and wholeness of this life. I find unexpected riches everywhere, in my family, friends, nature, and dreams. I am comforted, knowing there is life after death, and that Bill and I will be together again.

I invite you to join me on an emotional journey as I share my very personal stories, as well as that of others’. May these personal and candid accounts bring you peace, comfort, hope, and assurance of the afterlife.

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