About The Author

Kimberly Llewellyn

Known in fiction as, "the Wedding Writer," bestselling author Kimberly Llewellyn enjoys reading and writing stories about love, relationships, and the happily ever after. Her other passion? Road trips!


The Heartthrob Heroes Series

Cowboy's Kiss

Tanner Avery has a working ranch to run and two wild kids to raise. The last thing he needs is a sexy big-city etiquette consultant instructing him on how to civilize his kids.

Jackie Taylor has arrived from Washington D.C., at the behest of Tanner's wily father. Her instructions are clear: teach Tanner's small children some manners. She never dreamed her biggest challenge would come from Tanner, the children's ruggedly handsome cowboy father.

Then, Tanner’s chilly welcome turns into warm embraces and searing kisses.

Now what really needs taming is Jackie's heart, especially since she's promised to another.

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Playboy Doctor

Following a failed marriage, pediatric nurse Willow Brady believes she'll never love again, until a commanding man in a tuxedo whirlwinds into the ER with a baby in his arms.

Pediatric heart surgeon and renowned playboy doctor, Shane Edwards has arrived from London to teach at the hospital. On his first night out, he never expected to find an abandoned baby or such an enchanting and capable nurse ready to receive the tiny bundle.

When Shane learns he is Willow's new boss, heartbreak and past betrayal keep him emotionally hardened...until Willow and the baby bring out long-buried emotions.

Now, he needs more from Willow than a few nights between the sheets. But Willow has no room for another broken heart. And when Shane learns the truth, he will be gone, too

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Christmas Knight

Zach Endicott has nothing but his big-rig trailer behind him and the mountainous snow-covered road ahead. The holidays are finally looking up.

Then he spots a stranded motorist, and against his better judgment, Zach stops to help.

Accepting a ride from a stranger, especially a handsome one, is far from wise, but Tori Adams must get home in time for Christmas to see her young son, the only good that came from a failed relationship.

On the road, Zach didn't expect his beautiful passenger to provide the Christmas cheer he'd been missing.

At the door of her home, Tori didn't expect to welcome her rescuer inside.

Now they must overcome their own painful pasts if they are to discover that love is the greatest gift of all.

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