About The Author

Jason Melby

Jason Melby's thriller and suspense novels feature dynamic characters overwhelmed by extraordinarycircumstances forcing them to confront their greatest fears.A graduate of Virginia Tech and Johns Hopkins University, Jason currently resides in Melbourne, Florida.


The Gauntlet

Harvard Graduate, Zach Taylor, is now an unemployed financial consultant on the verge of bankruptcy. Then his pregnant wife is wrongly imprisoned.

Desperate for the $10,000 in bail money, Zach agrees to mule crack-cocaine but steals the money instead. His wife out of jail, Zach is running from the police who believe he killed one of their own, and from the drug dealer who's put an even higher price on his head.

One hope remains: A Vietnam Vet who reluctantly offers to help Zach and his wife escape.

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Enemy Among Us

Former FBI Special Agent Jim McLeary is on a dangerous mission. Paired with an adversarial female partner and an egocentric Section Chief with a hidden agenda, McLeary must prevent an elusive enemy from releasing a silent weapon of mass destruction.

Hindered by a tainted past, a gauntlet of double-agents, covert operatives, and a guilty conscience—McLeary comes face-to-face with his worst fear: the cost of victory may prove more than he can afford.

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A Dangerous Affair

Lloyd Sullivan is a former college football star and a recently paroled convict. Desperate to make amends with his mother and foster brother, Lloyd takes a job at a local carwash and encounters Jamie, the sheriff's attractive and unassuming wife.

Jamie finds herself trapped between her abusive cheating husband and the lure of intimacy with the town's new enigmatic stranger.

As secret obsessions spark dangerous desire, Lloyd uncovers his brother’s connection to Jamie's power-mongering husband who is slowly unraveling the truth about his wife's affair.

While the lovers plan for a new life together, Jamie’s husband settles on a plan of his own: one must die, the other will be left hanging....

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Without A Trace...

In the tropical paradise of Cozumel, a dream family vacation becomes Steve Chamber's worst nightmare when his wife and 16-year-old daughter are suddenly nowhere to be found.

When the only clue confirms Chamber's family has fallen victim to a sinister kidnapping plot, the retired Navy diver launches an impossible mission. His wife and daughter will not go the way of all the others and disappear Without a Trace.

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Music City Madness

Inspired by true events, Music City Madness tells the story of Nashville singer-songwriter Leland Presley, whose quest for superstardom is hindered by unforeseen tragedy and a passionate romance with his voice coach, Grammy Award winning singer Melissa Hamilton.

As the poignant novel unfolds, Leland evokes a range of emotions through a dozen songs written and performed by himself—each timely composition more powerful, and relevant, than the one before, until a vulnerable Leland must confront a life-altering decision to follow his dream or follow his heart.

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