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Jade Lee

Jade Lee, a USA Today bestseller, has two passions (well, except for her family, but that's a given). She loves dreaming up stories and playing racquetball, not always in that order. When her pro-racquetball career ended with a pair of very bad knees, she turned her attention to writing. An author of more than 30 romance novels, she's decided that life can be full of joy without ever getting up from her chair.



The Jade Lee Romantic Fantasies Series


When dragon power flows through your veins and dragon thoughts burn in your mind, you can accomplish anything. Natiya knows. She carries the last dragon egg in the land, disguised as a jewel in her navel.
Day by day the Unhatched grows. Upon its birth Natiya and the dragon will be joined. No longer will Natiya be forced to dance for pennies as a barmaid; she will become Dag Natiya, revered Queen.
Kiril, the king's warrior dragon slayer, knows what happens when dragon power flows through your veins and dragon emotions trample your soul. You become a monster. He watched as one destroyed his cousin. That is why Kiril vowed to destroy all of dragonkind.
Now, only one egg remains. But an obstacle Kiril did not foresee stands in his way: love.
"A fantasy of superior quality, bridging the gap between the romance and SF&F genres...." ~ParaNormalRomance

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Horrific are a dragon's claws, its fiery breath and buffeting wings. Potent is its body, fraught with magic down to the very last glistening scale. But most fearsome of all is a dragon's cunning—and the soul that allows it to bond with humans.
Sabina was the one girl of her generation chosen as Dragonmaid, friend and caregiver to the copper dragon of her nation's tyrant king. There she witnessed the greed, lust and rage such a beast could incite—and acquired her own very dark secret.
Cordain is the mind and soul of the beast, thrust now into the body of the most hated man in the realm. But now that he is a man, can he claim the heart of the maid he's always loved? And when Sabina's dark past threatens to destroy them all, can a dragon turned man find a way to fight?
"The seductive and dangerous magic of dragons returns.... so darkly intense and so highly compelling!"
~ Romantic Times, 4.5 stars

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Magic King

A prophetess hath no honor in her own time... or any other, as Jane Deerfield is finding out.
Sucked forward in time during a World-War III explosion that obliterates much of planet Earth, Jane wants to keep the survivors she finds in the new world from repeating the same mistakes.
Falling in love with the Magic King who could plunge them back into war was not part of the plan.
King Daken's people are being murdered by the cruel Tarveen. Nothing will stop the King from reaching out to his allies and declaring war. Not Jane's knowledge of another world's past mistakes. Not her warnings of future extinction.
But can her love?
"...fast-paced action, will keep you on the edge of your seat." ~Romantic Times

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Seduced by Crimson

Long ago Los Angeles became Crimson City, a glittering home and sometimes battleground for humans, werewolves, and vampires.
But the veil between Crimson City and the Demon World has been torn, and the demons want Earth for their own.
There exist few who can oppose the Dark Ones: Patrick, the Druid's Draig-Uisge, is one. Able to shape energy to harm or heal, Patrick must first have something to bend, and such power can come from only one source: Xiao Fei, the Phoenix Tear.
Xiao's blood is the key, coupled with her ecstasy. Her union with Patrick is Earth's salvation.
As foes rise from every shadow, and peril infuses every caress, redemption and oblivion lay with one woman being SEDUCED BY CRIMSON.
 "A totally engrossing story." ~ParaNormal Romance

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Sexy Bites

Two Sexy Novella Adventures in One:
Middle school teacher Toni Freedman deals with a dangerous population: the pre-adolescents from Crimson City's newly created Wolftown.
When the school becomes a battleground, the only one keeping his cool is the sexy principal John Wang. Together John and Toni battle wolf-haters, ED students, and a sexual chemistry with an added kick.
Sometimes it's all about the shoes.
Or so Michaela Becker, a beleaguered inner-city English teacher, discovers when her mail-order Mary-Janes give her kick-ass martial-arts powers.
But, can kick-ass magic shoes deliver true love?
2008 Pearl (Paranormal Excellence Award in Romance Literature), nomination

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A Lady's Lessons Series

Rules for a Lady

If a lady is to become a Countess, there are rules...
#1: A lady does not attempt to come out in London society disguised as her deceased half-sister.
#2: A lady does not become enamored of her guardian; even when his masterful kisses and whispered words of affection tempt her beyond all endurance.
#3: A lady may not climb barefoot from her bedroom onto a rose trellis, nor engage in fisticuffs with riffraff even if it is to rescue street urchins.
#4: No matter how impossible the odds, a lady always gives her hand and her heart—though not necessarily in that order—to the one man who sees her as she truly is and loves her despite her flagrant disobedience of the rules for a lady.
"...comparable to notable Regency author Marian Devon." ~Romantic Times BookClub Reviews

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Major Wyclyff's Campaign

Lady Sophia has seen enough death and loss in the military hospital to last her a lifetime. So, when the wildly handsome Major Anthony Wycylff, whom she's been caring for these past months, is given no hope of survival, she grants him his fondest wish—her promise to marry.
Then the blasted man recovers!
The only thing that kept Anthony from giving into death was Sophia's promise to marry him. Now he's determined to claim his bride. The right flanking attack will bring him closer to her manor, her parlor, then her bedroom. Terms of surrender should quickly follow.
But the only terms Sophia will hear are terms of love.
"...splendid... witty... complete with eccentric characters and highly amusing antics." ~RT Book Reviews. 

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Miss Woodley's Kissing Experiment

Geoffrey Rathburn, Earl of Tallis, will soon overcome his father's gambling debts. However, to pay his sister's dowry before her London wedding, he must marry an heiress.
But the dowagers and daughters parading through his house are only after his title–just as he is after their money. Then a young woman climbs into his music room from a tree branch wanting something entirely different.
Caroline Woodley is no heiress. Indulged by her father who allows her to help with his scientific experiments, Caroline is conducting an experiment of her own. A Kissing Experiment.
Of course, Geoffrey is happy to assist; certain he can make Caroline tingle, just as she theorizes a woman should. The real question is: can he win her heart as she has won his?
"...written with humor... an enjoyable, fast-paced read." ~RT Book Review

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The Regency Rags to Riches Series

No Place for a Lady

The London rookeries are slums, rife with criminals, and shunned by the upper crust.

But someone there intends to murder one of England's greatest leaders, and Marcus Kane, Lord Chadwick, will follow every clue, even into the bowels of London's underground. But he can't find his way alone.

A partner is required.

Fantine (Fanny) Delarive is perfect. She knows the slums better any, has survived its labyrinth alone for years, and knows every criminal lurking in every dark corner.

Then, the investigation detours the pair into the bright ballrooms of the ton.

And Fantine fits in here, too.

Which changes everything.

Lord Chadwick knows a woman of Fantine's ilk is entirely unsuitable for him. But she's infinitely more exciting than any well-born lady he's ever met.

Now much more than an acquaintance with the independent, self-reliant Fantine is required... and it must end with nothing less than marriage.

Romantic Times Hero’s Kiss Award for a Great Hero
2002 Madcap Finalist for romantic comedy

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Devil's Bargain

A penniless relation, thanks to the sudden death of her father, Lynette resigns to the inevitable: selling herself into marriage.

But to whom?

Viscount Marlock—a carnal, unrepentant, dark-devil of a man—has offered to arrange a profitable match.

But for a price.

The Viscount commits to teach her all she must know about ensnaring a man—using touch and tongue—opening her to the pleasures of the flesh. In turn, she must obey without question, trusting his whispered promises.

But who will be caught, and who will be saved?
"A luscious bonbon of a read!" ~USA Today bestselling author Thea Devine

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Almost an Angel

In the last ten years, Carolly Hanson has died six times. First in a car crash, then of TB. Beaten, stoned, and shot in the back. The last time, she suffocated from pneumonia.

Now she's awake, again, and in the arms of James Oscar Henry Northram, Earl of Traynern.

Carolly Hanson must be in training to be an angel. Why else would she keep dying and reappearing in different places and times? Clearly she is to help people, help them find true love, if she is to win her wings.

And the handsome Earl, clearly a stiff-backed, dark-brooding man of means, will be her next victim—er, beneficiary.

James Oscar Henry Northram is fascinated by Carolly's odd sense of humor, and compelled by her strange forthright manner and complete lack of interest in trapping him into marriage.

He also thinks poor Carolly is a Bedlam escapee and isn't the least bit interested in the women she keeps pushing in his direction.

Why must Carolly be forced to suffer death only to live again? Could the answer be as close as his embrace?

"Light, airy and sometimes deadly serious. An intriguing tale." ~Rendezvous Reviews Online

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The Dragon Earl

At Evelyn Stanton's lavish wedding, the bald-headed Chinese monk striding down the center aisle is shocking. Watching the unarmed man dispatch three groomsmen, then learning he is the long-lost heir to the Earldom of Warhaven and the new groom, is even more so.

But Evelyn Stanton is a fully realized woman, who isn't about to marry the very non-English Jacob Cato just because she was betrothed to him when she was six.

Yet Jacob will not be deterred. He will have the woman who is rightfully his, and the murderer who slaughtered his family and left him for dead will pay.

"...hypnotic..." ~Romance Reviews Today

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No Place for a Lady


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The Way of The Tigress Series

White Tigress

Englishwoman Lydia Smith is drugged and sold as a Tantric slave. But the dark-eyed dragon of a man who purchased her doesn't want her virginity. He wants her Yin—the essence of her ecstasy—and to put her on the path of the White Tigress.

In Jade Lee's award-winning Tigress series, western women discover that sex is not simply for pleasure, but for religious ecstasy. The question is, who will come out on top: the Western Tigress or the Chinese Dragon? And is the sensual realm they discover true love?

4 Stars! Romantic Times
PEARL Best Erotic Romance, finalist

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Hungry Tigress

Joanna Crane is captured by political rebels with a taste for white flesh. Her rescuer: a Shaolin master with fists of steel, eyes like ice, and ideas of his own. But protection will come at a price... for both of them

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Desperate Tigress

Shi Po, Shanghai's most famous abbess and leader of the Tigresses, faces death and disgrace. Only one man can save her. But first he must prove he can master her demons.

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White Tigress

A Chinese man's only hope of survival is to lure a western woman into his way of life. But the white woman he chooses wants more than bedsport. She doesn't see the dangers or that her seducer is the only one who can keep her safe.

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Cornered Tigress

Trapped against brutal enemies, Little Pearl's only hope is Captain Jonas Storm, an unwelcome barbarian with strange kaleidoscope eyes. But will he walk the mystical path that begins in her bed?

5 Stars – Night Owl Reviews

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Tempted Tigress

In the war against opium, a western woman and her eastern captor must learn to fight, together. But in this war, the fight must begin in the bedroom where fire is liquid and every secret is deadly.

5 Stars - NIGHT OWL Romance, Reviewer Top Pick
Romantic Times Hero’s KISS award winner
RITA Finalist, Best Historical

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Regency Hearts Redeemed Series

Her Wicked Surrender

** Author's Cut Edition w/Bonus Material **

Born in a tavern to an actress, all Scher Martin has ever wanted is respectability and a family of her own. Then Kit Frazier, the fourth son of a titled family, offers for her, and Scher seizes her chance.

But instead of family, Scher encounters ridicule, mockery and Kit's cousin, Viscount Blackstone.

Scher sets Blackstone's heart afire with a single glance. He knows what she wants... what she deserves. But his life is a sham from which he cannot escape, his wealth and newly acquired title built on a public lie undergirded by murders no one will admit happened.

Blackstone also knows Scher's heart beats only for him, and he belongs to another.

"Realistically dark, emotionally intense, and richly sensual." ~Booklist

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His Wicked Seduction

Seven years enslaved by Barbary pirates, Kit Frasier finally earns his freedom and returns to England, his heart hungry for revenge.
Rose, flower of the English aristocracy, believes Kit to be dramatic, rich, and the catch of the Season.
Maddy, Rose's poor relation, will do anything to improve her situation, including help Rose ensnare Kit.
But when treachery rains down upon their schemes, one will run, leaving the other to choose between respectability and wickedly wonderful seduction.
"The piratical hero will melt your heart." ~Sabrina Jeffries, NYT bestselling author

"Powerfully emotional. Don't miss it!" ~Fresh Fiction

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Bridal Favors Series

Engaged in Wickedness

Lady Gwendolyn loves wandering into illicit places with gentlemen just to see how well they kiss. Nothing family and friends say or do can tame her ways...

…until she meets the quiet Sir Edward Murray.
Taken with the vivacious Lady, Edward has a clever plan of capture in play…until he learns Gwen's true reason for risking herself and her reputation in such scandalous forays.

Now Edward must convince Gwen that love is the wildest ride of all. But will it matter when Gwen discovers Edward's deceit?

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Wedded in Scandal

With her father cast from society as a liar and a thief, the ensuing scandal renders Lady Helaine unfit for marriage. Desperate to provide for herself and her mother, she adopts an assumed name and runs a dressmaker’s shop specializing in bridal wear for ladies of high society. Helaine is happiest immersed in silk and satin but lives in terror that her true identity will be discovered and she will lose everything…again.

When Robert Percy, Viscount Redhill, encounters the mysterious Helaine he is entranced and sets out to weave a web of seduction sure to ensnare. Then he learns, too late, the heartbreaking truth of her sullied past.

Now to claim Helaine as his own, he must find a way to overcome the past. But what chance has love when a secret mistress becomes a scandalous wife?

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Engaged in Passion

A merchant’s daughter with a massive dowery, Francine Richards has one task: marry an aristocrat. But no one except lackwits and fortune hunters is offering marriage. Then disaster strikes; Francine falls in love.

Anthony Pierce is a far cry from a titled lord. A bookkeeper in her father’s shop, Anthony’s ambition is to revolutionize the family business. But, he's fallen for the boss’s daughter.

When escaping passion proves impossible, Francine creates a new scheme. But can they have a future despite their families’ objections? Or will their desires destroy their only chance at happiness?

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Wedded in Sin

With her parents murdered and her inheritance stolen, all Penny Shoemaker has is her position at A Lady’s Favor dress shop designing handcrafted shoes for brides. But it’s not enough to support herself and her younger brother. Her only chance to regain what is rightfully hers lies in the strange but brilliant Samuel Morrison.

A dispossessed younger son, Samuel Morrison has a weakness for damsels in distress. So when Penny’s predicament literally lands at his feet, he turns his keen detective skills to her problem. As Penny’s predicament fills his time—she also begins filling his heart.

But can he regain Penny’s stolen inheritance, win her heart, and create a life not only for himself and Penny but for her younger brother, too, without running afoul of those who murdered her parents?

The answer may be just one favor away...

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Bridal Favors Series Boxset (Books 1 - 3)

A Box of Scheming, Sizzling, Regency Romance from author Jade Lee

Lady Gwendolyn is walking down the aisle one rogue at a time in Engaged in Wickedness.

Lady Helaine is entranced with Viscount Redhill and sets out to weave a web of seduction sure to ensnare in Wedded in Scandal.

Schemes and plans go awry for an heiress in search of a title in Engaged in Passion.

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