About The Author

Christine Bush

Christine Bush's romantic mysteries have won awards from many sources, including the "New Jersey Romance Writer's Golden Leaf Award for Best Contemporary Romance", and the "2011 Best Contemporary Book of the Year" from "Long and Short Reviews".


Single Titles

Cindy's Prince

Cindy is too busy raising her orphaned niece and nephew, juggling her job as a children's librarian, and keeping her dream of becoming an author of children's books, alive.

There's no room for Princeton Edmund Highfield III and his snazzy Aston Martin in her life.

Prince's friends believe he's out of his mind, chasing after a woman with a ready-made family who is absolutely not impressed with his status of society's most eligible bachelor. But all Prince wants to know is what he must do to prove their story can have a happily ever after

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Sunny's Smile

In search of his sister, Lucy, and desperate to return to his privileged life, Benedict Highfield crash lands his ailing small plane on the Navajo Reservation bordering Arizona and New Mexico.

Help comes in the form of a young medicine woman—Sunny Whitefeather—who seems to be weaving a spell around him. Sunny is also a highly trained medical doctor intent on bringing life saving medical care to her people while protecting their native customs and traditions.

And that care includes protecting Lucy, her husband Jack and their unborn child from the autocratic Hugh Highfield, who she suspects hired the mysterious henchmen stealing the reservation's life-giving water.

Her only hope to stop the thefts: convince Benedict to help her. But it could cost more than her heart.

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The New Beginnings Series

Courageous Heart

Hillary Holt wants to settle a debt by nursing her beloved aunt's friend, Matilda—a feisty, rich recluse—back to health.

But Matilda's quirky, greedy relatives have another fate in mind.

As Hillary's efforts with Matilda grow more and more effective, the relatives become more and more dangerous. But not as dangerous as the handsome young doctor threatening to steal Hillary's heart

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Daring Heart

When nurse Bryanne O’Rourke inherits a country estate from her late father—a man her mother refused to discuss—a window of opportunity opens. Could answers to years of questions finally be at hand?

Emerald Hills only reveals more questions. How did the estate's tight-lipped housekeeper come to know her father? Is the little boy, struggling with juvenile diabetes, connected with the dark secrets the woman is hiding?

The longer Bryanne remains at Emerald Hills the more proof she has that someone is after her and them. But, the greatest danger just may be the country doctor next-door who keeps knocking on the door of her heart.

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Patient Heart

When Libby Green leaves her hospital nursing job, she hopes to heal her broken heart through a private-duty nursing assignment at a peaceful country estate. But Deer Hollow isn't as expected.

Mysterious threats, dangerous accidents, and an angry child are only part of the problem. Libby's employer, dark and brooding, is touching her heart, and she's fighting to remember that her comatose patient is his wife.

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The Committment Series

Promise Forever

Frankie Ann is committed to covering the Garden Club news for the local newspaper. But she dreams of being an investigative reporter—until her flowery news-beat plants her into a bed of mistaken identities.

As threats to her life mound, Frankie is determined to unravel the mystery around her. So too is the new Police Chief, who's already stealing her heart.

But when the last knot is unraveled, will any reason remain to promise forever?

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When Love Prevails

Robin North takes a housekeeper position at Ridley Ranch in Montana on pretext, but the family within is not as expected.

Alex Ridley, a complex, rugged rancher and widower of five years, continues to grieve his wife. His arrogant teenage kids are gunning for trouble and their lonely little brother remains aloof. Even the surrounding townsfolk steer clear as everyone continues wondering how Laura Ridley died.

Despite better judgment, Robin decides to restore peace by solving the mystery of Laura's death. But when the evidence points to Alex, she realizes too late that he's stolen her heart and is unaware of the secrets within.

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