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Candace Shuler

Bestselling author Candace Schuler married the love-of-her life and is mom to two 70-pound Dobermans who think they are lap dogs. An avid gardener in pursuit of the perfect tomato, Candace admits to being a shoe-aholic, and finding great joy in being a Big Brother Big Sister volunteer.


The Heart of the City Series

One Night With You

For Desi, it was a chance to make her fantasies come true. For Jake, it was a night of mind-blowing sex. It wasn’t supposed to lead to anything more.
Now Desi and Jake must decide if that one night of passion—and a baby girl—can turn into a lifetime of love

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The Night Remembers

Free-spirit Daphne Granger and nose-to-the-grindstone Adam Forrest had nothing in common but hormones and heat. The dissolution of their brief and tempestuous marriage was the proof. But fate has brought them back to where it all started.

Now rational adults who should know better than to play with fire, one look across a crowded room is all it takes.

Are Daphne and Adam grown up enough to get it right this time, or will fate deliver another blow?

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All Night Long

Susannah Bennett runs a dating service for senior citizens. Matt Ryan is desperate to get his widowed mother out of his hair. It's a match made in heaven—until Susannah's dating service comes under investigation as a front for prostitution.

As an ambitious lawyer with political aspirations, Matt knows he should back away and let Susannah sink or swim on her own. But how can he stay away when all he can think about is being with her all night long?

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Hollywood Night Series

Lovers & Strangers

World-weary and heart-sore, Jack Shannon has returned to his old stomping grounds in LA and the Wilshire Arms Apartments to make one last-ditch effort to lay the ghost of his long-dead brother to rest. There he meets sweet, angelic Faith McCray.

Faith is everything Jack wants—and everything he's convinced he doesn't deserve.

But Faith isn't as guileless as she seems, and she's far stronger than anyone gives her credit for. Having broken free from overly-strict upbringing and a sin that's not her own, Faith has arrived in LA with her sights set on finally doing what's right for her—and what's right is Jack.

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Seduced & Betrayed

Ten years ago, Zeke Blackstone was a smokin' hot bad boy actor staring in his first Hollywood movie, and his co-star, 18-year-old Ariel Cameron, was America's TV sweetheart. Their chemistry was instant, and the whirlwind affair that followed was the stuff of Hollywood legend.

Now, twenty-five years later, Zeke is still smokin' hot with a well-earned reputation as a ladies' man both on and off the screen. Ariel is one of the most respected actresses in America. Neither has willingly occupied the same room together since their divorce.

But their beloved daughter is getting married and all she asks is that her estranged parents "make nice" for the wedding.

Thrown together for the wedding festivities, the act of "making nice" turns into "something more," and the wildfire attraction between Zeke and Ariel reignites, stronger than ever.

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Passion & Scandal

Gorgeous, no-nonsense Willow Ryan is ready to learn the truth about her father. In need of help, she hires Steve Hart, a hunky private detective who specializes in locating missing persons.

Much to Steve's chagrin, Willow is determined to participate in the investigation and shadows his every move.

Before long, the intrepid pair are entangled in more passion and scandal than either bargained for as mutual desire and the truth about Willow's father and her shadowed past comes eerily to light

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